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Silk Eye Mask - White

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zylk&co. silk eye masks are made using the highest quality 6A grade mulberry silk, that are 22 momme and free of any toxins. Our strict quality guidelines ensure that you get a good night sleep and feel zylk-y (soft and smooth) when wearing our silk eye masks.

We understand the importance of sleep, and our silk eye masks pair greatly with our silk pillowcases to avoid any interruptions from light, ultimately waking up feeling fresher and recharged.

Includes: 1 x white silk eye mask
Material: 100% 22 momme (6A grade) mulberry silk 

Helps with keeping your skin hydrated (providing anti-aging benefits)
Sleep free of allergies (silk is naturally hypoallergenic)
Blocks out light (enjoy sleep without interruptions)
Protects your delicate eyes