is a silk collection created to provide high quality silk at an affordable price. our silk is made from 22 momme, 6A grade mulberry silk, which is hypoallergenic and toxin free. 

why silk?

silk is a breathable fabric and provides a lot of benefits for your hair and skin. other than being extremely soft, silk doesn't absorb moisture like other materials, meaning that you will wake up with smoother hair and hydrated skin. 

silk benefits

meet our founder



zylk&co. is my dream come to life. i have always imagined myself as a girl boss ever since i was young.

zylk&co. was created after i struggled from cystic acne and frizzy hair throughout majority of my teenage years. i knew silk had soooo many benefits that would help my skin and hair, however, i could not afford the silk pillowcases that were available in the market.

i wanted to ensure that my product would provide the same quality and luxury of other silk companies at a more affordable price.