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zylk&co. silk pillowcases are made using the highest quality 6A grade mulberry silk, that are 22 momme and free of any toxins. Our strict guidelines ensure that you get a good night sleep and feel zylk-y (soft and smooth) when using our silk pillowcases.

By sleeping on a silk pillowcase you will wake up with better hydrated skin because of the smooth fibers of silk that don't absorb moisture.

Additionally, due to the friction-less surface of silk, your hair is more likely to get less damaged when compared to a traditional cotton pillowcase.

Unlike traditional pillowcases like cotton, silk does not absorb moisture that can cause your skin and hair to dry out. Silk is also temperature-regulating and does not tug on your skin and hair, allowing you to wake up with frizz-free hair and no creases on your face.

Silk is a natural fiber, unlike its substitute satin which is a synthetic fabric. Satin provides the slippery feeling like silk, however it is not soft and smooth like silk. Satin pillowcases are rougher and not temperature-regulating, and after using one you will be able to notice the differences between silk and satin on your hair and skin.

If you look after your silk, it will look after you. 

For instructions on how to care for your silk pillowcases, visit product care .

zylk&co. silk pillowcases are 51cm x 76cm / 20" x 30" which fit any queen size pillowcase. Our pillowcases are zippered, meaning that your pillows won't fall out of your pillowcase when you are asleep.

Momme [mom-ee] is a unit of measurement for the weight and density of silk. The higher the momme, the higher the quality of the silk and the longer it will last.

At zylk&co. we use 22 momme for all our silk products as it is the perfect weight for silk pillowcases. Anything lower is considered "low-quality" and anything higher is too heavy.

Yes, you can. Just make sure you use a cool iron setting and you flip your silk pillowcase inside out.